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Welcome to the M1 Traffic website.

M1 Traffic is dedicated to featuring the latest M1 traffic news, M1 traffic updates, details of M1 roadworks and other news of interest to motorists using the M1 motorway. Information about the M1 Motorway. Easy.

The M1 Traffic aims to bring you you the latest traffic updates released quickly and clearly. Easy and speed of use is the main aim of the M1 Traffic website. M1 news and updates at a glance.

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Latest M1 Traffic Reports and M1 Traffic Updates

The aim of M1 Traffic.co.uk is simple.....

Feature the latest M1 traffic reports and M1 traffic updates. You can search our websiet for the latest M1 traffic news.

Simply type your key search words at the top of the right column and click "search". Hey presto you have te latest traffic news for the M1 motorway.

The Latest M1 Traffic News in about M1 Delays, M1 Accidents, M1 Roadworks

Below are some of the latest M1 traffic reports.
Latest M1 Traffic News Updates

Latest M1 Traffic News Updates

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Latest M1 News

Search using keywords such as J16, roadworks, congestion, accident etc.


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Search the latest offical traffic updates for the M1 motorway in our "latest M1 traffic news updates" page.

You can type in the Junction number you are particularly interested in and "northbound" or "southbound" for your direction of travel.

M1 Facts

See our M1 Motorway interesting facts page...

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